I am a passionate professor and leader who takes great pride in not only achieving extraordinary goals, but in seeing the students and the leadership below and around me do the same.  I aim to lead in a positive, empowered way that generates significant success for my company, my associates and myself.

I am a life-long learner and a life-long teacher.  I am a team player, a decision maker, and a consensus builder.  I am absolutely passionate about diversity and spend much of my time reading about diversity, discussing diversity, writing about diversity. I work hard to empower all individuals around the topic of diversity.

I am a leader in my community.  I absolutely believe in giving back.  I work on efforts to help children and to empower women.  I also support many arts organizations because I believe art is the gateway to our better selves.  Art allows us to reach places otherwise inaccessible.

I am a mom, and this is my favorite job.  My children and my husband are my whole world.  I am at my happiest when I am spending time with them.  One of my favorite nights is Mommy Dance Party night.

I aim to live life to its fullest, to own my strengths and put them to use in the world, and to learn to take more risks.

This blog is my next new risk.