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I have discovered a new favorite person on the www – Molly Mahar and her website Molly calls herself an “entrepreneur, mama and adventurer obsessed with the intersection of joy, authenticity and community.” She is inspirational and full of wisdom. I have only just discovered her and cannot wait to learn more from her.

One thing Molly has out there is her “12 Rules for Inner Confidence.” I shared this with my colleagues at work along with all of the women on my team and the response was overwhelming. Everyone loved it. Many shared it with others within their networks and families. One colleague suggested we have a group meeting on each rule and share best practices!

I want to share the first rule now and perhaps the others in a bit. This first rule ties right back to an earlier post of mine: Practice positivity. What Molly talks about here is the need to combine hope with hard work and that will bring positivity. She also makes clear that thinking positively is a strength and something that brings power and possibility. 

There is the famous quote from Henry Ford, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t -you’re right.” If you are practicing positivity then you always can! The world today needs hope, possibility and positivity more than ever before, and if each of us contributes, perhaps we will get to a better place.

So I encourage you to dream, to believe, and to check out Molly and! Highly recommended! 

Keep it positive, and smile 🙂

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