Leadership – doing the right thing

There are so many ways to define leadership. I want to talk today about one particular piece of leadership that is very much front-of-mind for me today. That is – the ability to take risks and to see a future – a better future – that is different than the one today.

Since when has the world not changed? It is imperative that leaders spend time thinking about this, planning for this, and taking the risks necessary to get to a new and better place. This place we are in right now, as wonderful as it might be, will not be here long.

One easy way I have found to approach risk is to always choose to do the right thing.  Sometimes that isn’t easy, but it sure makes taking that risk less scary!  When you do the right thing, and you share this with your customers/employees/friends, you will have positive results. You and your team will work with clearer purpose and will be energized by the efforts. Negative energy, or as consultant/author/speaker Jon Gordon calls them, “energy vampires” will be kept in check. It will be easier to find good people to come along on the journey with you and the negative drama will be kept at bay.

Now, as I mentioned above, doing the right thing is rarely the easiest thing. It is, however always the best thing, and as leaders we must have the courage to choose this path every time. When we don’t, people see it. So be brave, be strong, and make the right choice.  That, my friends, is being a leader.

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