Welcome to melindasleadership!

Here you will find posts on two topicsĀ – leadership and diversity.

For my posts on leadership, I call on my nearly 20 years of leadership experience in corporate America and in the non-profit world, and my research and experience as a professor in a prestigious business school. I have lead teams of all sizes, and across many disciplines. I have taught classes in team dynamics, leadership, ethics, inclusion, and research. I have had many incredible mentors, and have done a significant amount of mentoring myself. I am an avid reader, writer, and speaker.

The posts on diversity will center largely on women in the workplace. For this, I call on the research I completed for my doctoral dissertation entitled, “Where are the Women? An Investigation into Why Women are Not Attaining Top Leadership Positions in the Financial Services Industry?” I am currently extending this research to look back in history and understand better how we came to be where we are today.

I encourage participation in the blog, so please share your thoughts, suggestions, insights and ideas with me! And if you would like me to come and speak with your organization, please reach out through the contact form on this page.

As always keep it positive and smile!